December 26, 2018 - January 1, 2019

​​Fresno Fairgrounds
1121 S. Chance Ave. Fresno, CA 93702
Hmong Cultural
New Year
Celebration, Inc.
Celebrating Hmong American Heritage
  1. Enhance New Year Festival
    Enhance New Year Festival
    We strive to bring new ideas to make the new year fun, educational, exciting, and memorable for all.
  2. Community Involvement
    Community Involvement
    We are dedicated to give back to support education and establish good relationship with the community.
  3. Cultural Preservation
    Cultural Preservation
    We care about the future of our children and are promoting the young to learn our language and culture.
General Admission
General Admission: $5
Ages 5 and under: Free
Ages 62+: $3
Military w/ ID: $3
Parking at Chance and Butler: $8
Singing, Dance, Pageant, and Concert will be held outside Main Stage.

Sports: Soccer and Volleyball near Race Track

Breaking: Commerce Building 
9am to 12pm Intro & Training
12pm to 5pm Competition

History & Goals
Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration, Inc. (HCNYC) is a non-profit organization that will host the Hmong New Year from December 26, 2017 to January 1, 2018.  This week-long cultural celebration in the Fresno Fairgrounds is the largest Hmong-American community event in the United States and in the world, attracting more than 120,000 patrons a year.

For thousands of years the Hmong people have celebrated its most important cultural event, the Hmong New Year. This celebration provides a sense of identity and pride. Traditionally, this annual event celebrates the conclusion of the harvest season and marks the end of a year's hard work and serves as a Thanksgiving holiday.

The Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration, Inc. (HCNYC) will be the difference-maker in the community. HCNYC pledges to enrich the Hmong American community by promoting education, fostering economic development projects, and preserving our cultural and traditional practices.

A Hmong American Community Living in Harmony and Prosperity.
To Strengthen the Hmong American Community.
1. Promote educational advancement: helping students reach higher education.
2. Promote economic development: creating programs to provide business training.
3. Promote cultural enlightenment: encouraging the young to learn our cultural heritage.
4. Promote community involvement: establishing good relationships with other ethnicity.

  1.               FACEBOOK
    FACEBOOK Like Us on Facebook to receive updates on new year and receive free things.
  2.                     MEDIA
    Every Wednesday 8pm-9pm listen to us on 900 AM. Every Thursday 9pm to 10pm watch us on Hmong TV Network.
  3.                 HMOODLE
    HMOODLE In collaboration to bring you breaking and car show at the new year.
New Year Attractions
This year we are hosting several competitions and entertainments.
Traditional Clothing: Men, women, and children wear traditional embroidered clothes beaded with silver coins.

Beauty Pageant: Young women from all over the United States compete for the Miss Hmong USA crown and scholarship. The winning contestant will do various charitable work in the community to promote awareness on community issues and serve as a role model.

Entertainment: Well-known musicians and dancers from the Hmong American community will perform during the seven-day

Ball-Tossing Game: A courtship activity that engages single individuals into conversations in hopes of winning over the other person’s affection.

Kids Zone: Added this year, the Hmong New Year will have a play area where children can run around and enjoy themselves.

Paul Paul Theater: This theater will be available for church related services and entertainment.

Entertainments & Competition​​​​